Abscent Backpack W/ Insert - Black

Abscent Backpack W/ Insert - Black

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Brand: Abscent
Part Number: 860314
UPC: 82045255126

The classic backpack is the industry standard for high-quality carbon lined backpacks. This large volume bag features a multi-layer carbon lining and a separate carbon insert for maximum protection. With rubber zippers, discreet branding, an outer pocket for smaller goods and ultra-durable water resistant fabric, this bag is a must for all your adventures. Abscent’s Backpack with insert also features: Water resistant exterior, H2O-guard zipper for 100% protection, back support cushion for added comfort, padded and adjustable shoulder straps, industrial-grade Velcro, traditional padded (compression) handle and quick grab handle. Lockable. Size: 20 in x 19 in x 8 in.

Package Dimensions
  Weight - 4LB
  Length - 12"
  Width - 12"
  Height - 5"
UPC:  82045255126

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