Active Aqua Flood Table Cover - White - 4 X 4 Foot

Active Aqua Flood Table Cover - White - 4 X 4 Foot

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Brand: Active Aqua
Part Number: HGFT44COV
UPC: 638104010054

This sturdy white cover fits Hydrofarm's HGFTW44 white flood table and HGFT44 black flood table.Why incorporate flood tables into your indoor growroom?White lid reflects light to minimize heat build upKeep out dirt, bugs, and other airborne particlesMaintain control over temperature and ambient air Move table's contents more easily and prevent spillsUse separately from the flood table to cover areas and rest tools uponNOTE: This product is an exact fit with our standard white HGFTW44 flood table and standard black HGFT44 flood table. Does not fit premium flood tables.

Package Dimensions
  Weight - 20LB
  Length - 50.5"
  Width - 50.5"
  Height - 3.75"
UPC:  638104010054

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