C.A.P. TMP-DNe Day/Night Cooling & Heating Thermostat

C.A.P. TMP-DNe Day/Night Cooling & Heating Thermostat

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Brand: C.A.P.
Part Number: CATMP-DNE
UPC: 638104013895

The TMP-DNe allows you to control the temperature within your growing environment. You can set the day and night temperature independently. The TMP-DNe can be set to either heat or cool. Just connect your equipment, then set the temperature that you wish to maintain. If the temperature varies from your setting, the outlet on the front is activated. The temperature differential can be set at 3, 5 or 7 degrees. Comes with a 12" remote sensor. The TMP-DNe is rated for 15 amps @ 120 volts.Now backed by HydrofarmUpgraded circuit boardsImproved performanceMore precise operation

Package Dimensions
  Weight - 1LB
  Length - 5.4"
  Width - 5.7"
  Height - 3.4"
UPC:  638104013895

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