C.A.P. VSC-DNe Day/Night Adjustable Fan Speed Controller

C.A.P. VSC-DNe Day/Night Adjustable Fan Speed Controller

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Brand: C.A.P.
Part Number: CAVSC-DNE
UPC: 638104014403

The CAVSC-DNe is designed to gradually increase or decrease the speed of centrifugal fans depending on the day or night temperature set points. The Variable Fan Speed Controller enables you to determine precise temperature levels to achieve within your growing environment by way of proper ventilation. The temperature differential switch can be set at 3°, 5°, or 7°F and comes complete with a 12' probe. The day and night temperature knobs can be set between 50°F and 100°F independently. The built-in photocell will automatically sense day or night and adjust the speed of your fan accordingly. This controller allows you to set the idle speed to 50%, 25%, or no idle. The VSC-DNe is rated up to 350 watts.(*Please note - This unit will not work with the ACDF12 fan or the PF3012 fan)Now backed by HydrofarmUpgraded circuit boardsImproved performanceMore precise operation

Package Dimensions
  Weight - 1LB
  Length - 2.38"
  Width - 2"
  Height - 3.34"
UPC:  638104014403

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