Cube Cap 4 Inch Square

Cube Cap 4 Inch Square

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Brand: Cube Cap
Part Number: CCCUBE4

The CubeCapTM enables you to naturally and efficiently minimize algae, fungus, gnats, and root-eating larva found on Rockwool and Coco growing blocks.CubeCaps are one of the first environmentally safe solutions available. They contain no pesticides, larvasides, or fungicides. In addition, CubeCaps are recyclable and reusable, which saves you money.The CubeCap deprives the cube of its light by reflecting it back up towards the plant and away from the top of the block, making it difficult for any dark green algae to form. It also bounces the light away from the surface of the block and back up towards the foliage, causing an accelerated growth in the early stages of younger plants.

Package Dimensions
  Weight - 0.2LB
  Length - 4.06"
  Width - 4.06"
  Height - 1.25"

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