DL 200W CFL BuLB &  Reflector Package

DL 200W CFL BuLB & Reflector Package

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Basic Enclosed Reflector with 200W CFL 6500K Bulb Package - Integrated Socket and 15' Lamp Cord - Top Quality German Aluminum interior for excellent output and uniformity - This will not work with MH or HPS Bulbs, socket is designed for CFL bulbs only - Reflector Dimensions: 19.75X x 17X - Designed Specifically for the Horticulture Industry - Adjustable wing to widen or limit your lighting space! - Compact size and advanced design delivers high output - Super Lightweight - Wide and Bright light delivery - No need for a ballast, just plug it into the wall - Completely assembled, ready to use - 2 Hanging Clips Included Package Includes: (1) 200 Watt CFL Bulb (part #790200-CF), (1) Basic Enclosed Reflector (part #129702) with pre-wired lighting socket and cord, (2) Universal Reflector Hanging Clips FREIGHT SHIPPING ONLY. CFL Bulbs will not be shipped via Ground or Air, they can only be shipped on pallets.

Package Dimensions
  Weight - 9LB
  Length - 17.5"
  Width - 22.5"
  Height - 8.5"
UPC:  816731010900

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