General Hydroponics Armor Si 2.5 GALLON

General Hydroponics Armor Si 2.5 GALLON

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Brand: General Hydroponics
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UPC: 793094017848

Armor Si is suitable for all types of plants during all stages of growth. It can be used for plants growing in hydroponics, Coco Coir and all types of media. Use as a growth enhancer with irrigation water or in addition to your regular fertilizers. Armor Si improves plant structure and foliar development, increases yield, and improves flower and fruit production. Your plants will additionally experience improved heat and cold tolerance, stress resistance, improved light absorption which leads to greater plant stature.

Package Dimensions
  Weight - 28LB
  Length - 8.8"
  Width - 7"
  Height - 14.3"
UPC:  793094017848

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