GROW1 240V Extension Cord 16 Guage 15 Foot

GROW1 240V Extension Cord 16 Guage 15 Foot

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Brand: GROW1
Part Number: 806215
UPC: 816731019675

Tired of calling your electrician to put that 240v outlet where they're hardest to install, fear no more. Grow1 240v extension cords will help you make the most of your grow space. Available in 16 Gauge (10, 15, 25 foot) and 14 Gauge (10, 15, 25, and 50 foot) these cords can handle up to 15 amps and 1800 watts adding extra length to almost all indoor lighting fixtures and many other grow room devices. Let Grow1 help light your way today! (guy in back ground yells Grow1!)

Package Dimensions
  Weight - 1.5LB
  Length - 15"
  Width - 5.5"
  Height - 2"
UPC:  816731019675

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