GROW1 70 Gallon Economy Reservoir  Black  Square

GROW1 70 Gallon Economy Reservoir Black Square

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Brand: GROW1
Part Number: 69544

Made from high-quality ABS plastic these reservoirs are crack resistant with UV inhibitors to prevent them from breaking down under natural or artificial light. They come in several sizes to fit under flood trays and will also work with aeroponic and modular systems. These reservoirs also feature convenient measurement markings along the inner walls. Measures 45X x 45X x 12XMinimum Order Quantity on Freight Shipments for Reservoirs, Flood Tables and Water Tanks = 6 pieces. MOQ does not apply to Local Deliveries within California and Michigan warehouses.

Package Dimensions
  Weight - 16LB
  Length - 45"
  Width - 45"
  Height - 12"

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