Grower Foots Edge Vaporizer Commercial Grade

Grower Foots Edge Vaporizer Commercial Grade

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Brand: Growers Edge
Part Number: 740650
UPC: 870883000608

Stainless steel housing is very durable & will not rust. Aluminum cup maintains ideal temperature for vaporization. Holes in base allow natural convection action & unrestricted air movement. 5 foot grounded power cord. Proprietary PTC heating element has no moving parts. It provides consistent reliable warming. Suspend with jack chain at least 3 ft away from any combustible surface. Use only with properly registered materials. Follow all safety and licensing guidelines where applicable. 120 Volts | 0.4 Amps | 48 Watts

Package Dimensions
  Weight - 2LB
  Length - 5.7"
  Width - 5.5"
  Height - 7.9"
UPC:  870883000608

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