HydroFarm Ballast Kit Metal Halide 250W Multi-Volt

HydroFarm Ballast Kit Metal Halide 250W Multi-Volt

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Ballast Kit, Halide, 250 W Multi-VoltBest choice for DIY grow room aficionados! Whether you are wiring your own first ballast setup or performing a complete overhaul of your existing equipment, this kit offers all you need, including the right capacitors and transformers.Rely on Hydrofarm for premium quality North American made ballast components. All parts are UL recognized. Ballasts include welded-on brackets for easy replacement mounting. All units 175 watts and above are multi-volt capable.Replacement Ballast Kits: Halide, sodium, or halide/sodium convertibles are available in a variety of wattages, brands, and types. Be sure to review item number and descriptions carefully before ordering. Contact your Hydrofarm sales representative for help selecting the best items for your grow room.Notes:Photos shown may not be actual productBrands may varyProduct may be North American or imported brand

Package Dimensions
  Weight - 10LB
  Length - 5.7"
  Width - 2.9"
  Height - 3.3"
UPC:  786386190103

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