HydroFarm Bulk Media Scoop 2.5 Quart

HydroFarm Bulk Media Scoop 2.5 Quart

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This Bulk Media Scoop is ideal for scooping grow media out of bags and totes. With a 2.5 qt capacity, it is large enough that you get a generous quantity with each scoop, and it won't tear bags. Ideal for soil and hydroponic mediums such as coco, clay pebbles, grow rocks, loose rockwool, perlite, and soilless mixes. Made from highly durable polypropylene plastic for many years of service.Holds 2.5 quartsStands on endWon’t tear bags

Package Dimensions
  Weight - 1.2LB
  Length - 11"
  Width - 5"
  Height - 4"
UPC:  638104022293

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