Manna Nutrients Liquid Greatness 16oz

Manna Nutrients Liquid Greatness 16oz

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Brand: Manna Nutrients
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Liquid Greatness Foliar Spray (concentrate) by Manna Liquid Greatness has been developed to promote plant health and vitality while at the same time combating common garden issues such as mold. This foliar product supplies a full complex of trace minerals, 2 forms of calcium, and natural plant extracts to boost your garden naturally. This product will increase plant tissues to repel pathogens such as Powder Mold. Increases plant foliage and flower site development. Promote a stronger and healthier root system. Supply your crop with needed trace elements to aid in garden vigor. Liquid Greatness is an all-in-one spray that ensures the highest level of garden production. This product is highly concentrated. Use as a foliar spray at a rate of 5-8 ml per gallon (1-2 teaspoons). Foliar spray garden every 5-7 days (roughly once per week).

Package Dimensions
  Weight - 1.5LB
  Length - 2.5"
  Width - 8"
  Height - 1.5"

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