Maxsea Bloom Plant Food 20LB (3-20 - 20)

Maxsea Bloom Plant Food 20LB (3-20 - 20)

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Brand: Maxsea
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UPC: 91946011083

Maxsea® Bloom Plant Food is specially formulated to improve flowering, bud set, bud count, blossom quality, quantity, and size on all flowering plants, as well as promoting abundant fruit and vegetable yields. From roses to tomatoes, this blend boosts your bounty. Use Maxsea® Bloom when flowering plants are beginning to set buds and continue to use throughout the blooming period for outstanding blossoms and abundant fruit and vegetables.

Package Dimensions
  Weight - 22LB
  Length - 12"
  Width - 12"
  Height - 10.9"
UPC:  91946011083

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