Nectar for the Gods Hades Down 1 Gallon

Nectar for the Gods Hades Down 1 Gallon

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Brand: Nectar for the Gods
Part Number: NGHD1004
UPC: 812863010696

Hades Down is a pH adjusting liquid used to lower the pH of your nutrient solution. Hades Down chelates elements in the nutrient solution into stable, slow releasing forms which are easier for plants to absorb. Providing readily absorbed natural molecules, Hades Down has the ability to stimulate microorganisms and plant growth. This stimulation will directly affect increases in CO2 production, photosynthesis, beneficial microbes, and plant vigor and health. When mixing fertilizers in a reservoir, Hades Down will help prevent nutrient solution fall out.

Package Dimensions
  Weight - 11LB
  Length - 11"
  Width - 6"
  Height - 5.5"
UPC:  812863010696

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