PAR-TEK LIGHTING 600W Multi-Wattage Digital Ballast 120V/240V W/ PTL600 HPS SE Lamp

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PAR-TEK LIGHTING 600w Digital Ballast

PAR-TEK LIGHTING 600W Digital Ballast operate on 120v or 240v power supply. Ballast can fire multiple bulb wattage's 250w, 400w, & 600w Lamps both High Pressure Sodium & Metal Halide. PAR-TEK LIGHTING PT600 Ballast's design platform is Multi-Wattage which means you can run different wattage lamps at FULL Power instead of dimming a lamp down and don't for get SUPER LUMENS will give 10% more light at the flick of a switch. Optional settings are Super Lumens, 600w, 400w, or 250w. 

PAR-TEK LIGHTING Digital Ballast is A performance leader.

  • Operates both Metal Halide (MH) & High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps.
  • Dual Receptacle outputs make it a snap to connect with all types of reflectors in today's market, HydroFarm Lock n' Seal or Sunlight Standard connection type.
  • Dual Ferrite rings on Power input & Reflector connections for increased EMI protection.
  • Up to 30% MORE LUMEN OUTPUY then Magnetic Ballast; faster growth, bigger harvests.
  • Unique graduated fin design for more efficient cooling. No cooling fan necessary in this model.
  • 3 years NO hassle warranty.
  • Internal resin coating protects components for a long life. (10 Year Life Expectancy)
  • Generator compatible.
  • Cuts off when a short is detected. For ultimate safety. VERY smart ballast !!
  • Completely silent.
  • View Pictures for all specs.

Notes: Includes 120V power cord. Please request a 240v if needed OR both for $5.00 more.

PAR-TEK Lighting ballasts are designed with internal microprocessors that will soft start lamps and intelligently detect the lamp voltage & line current to prolong ballast & bulb life hours. This ballast model is Multi-Wattage which can save power at both input & output side. Ballast will Intelligently Stagger lamp ignition when grouped together to avoid inrush current overload. Perfect self-protection mechanism to prolong ballast life. Complete 3 year warranty. YOU MUST KEEP YOUR RECEIPT AS THAT SHOWS DATE OF PURCHASE FOR WARRANTY COVERAGE. THANK YOU.

Multi-Wattage Design:
Multi-Wattage ballasts will properly drive a 250w, 400w, or 600w lamp to ANSI specifications. For example, set the switch to 400w, insert a 400w lamp into your socket and the ballast will operate the 400w lamp correctly. Our ballast will similarly operate 250w, 400w, 600w or 1000w lamps. Depends on ballast model you have.

Super Lumens setting can increase your rated lamp power by approximately 10% at the flick of a switch. That is 10% more Lumen output to your garden. More Lumen Output = HIGHER YIELD

Staggered Ignition:
When grouped together using PAR-TEK LIGHTING ballasts, they will separately and randomly ignite lamps within 7 seconds to reduce inrush current.

Self-Protection Mechanism:

Input Protection
High / Low Voltage, Lightening Strike/ Inrush Current / Pulse Group, Over Current, Brown Out.

Output Protection
Open Circuit, Short Circuit, End of Lamp Life, Ignition Failure, Over Voltage, Rectifying Effect Protection.

Overheat protection
During operation, inner heat will dissipate through aluminum casing. When case temperature rises to 85?, Ballast will gradually reduce power to 80%. When case temperature reach to 90?, Ballast will stop working until it cools down to 70, then returns to full power status.

Ballast Parameters:
Model: PT600
Lamp: 600W, 400W & 250W in both HPS or MH Lamps
Ignition voltage: <4KV
Input Power: 660W
Input Voltage: 120V or 240V, 50/60Hz
Input Current: 5.57A @120V / 2.68A @ 240V
THD: < 8%
Lamp CCF: < 1.7
Power Factor: >0.99
Input Voltage Range: 95V-264V
Output Frequency: >60KHz   <<<----- Most Ballast on the market are only 30KHz, Ours are much better quality.
Ambient Temperature: -25 to 40 C (-13 to 104 F)
Enclosure Temperature rise: 35 C (95 F)
Inrush Current: <30A
Input current protection: Internal Fuse
Lamp Flicker/Acoustic Resonance: NO
RF Interference: NO
Environment IP Require: >IP23
Open circuit voltage: <300V
Unit Weight: 4.5kg
Unit Dimension: 13.18" X 5.9" X 3.42"

Pair with our PAR-TEK LIGHTING bulbs for optimal performance as they have been fine tuned to work together, We currently have:
PT1000HPS = 1000W High Pressure Sodium
PT1000MH-6K = 1000W Metal Halide 6500K
PT600HPS = 600W High Pressure Sodium
PT600MH-6K = 600W Metal Halide 6500K


Distributed exclusively by; BAY HYDRO LLC, Loomis CA. 95650 / 916.824.1556

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