PAR-TEK LIGHTING 600W MH 6500K High Output Digital Lamp

PAR-TEK LIGHTING 600W MH 6500K High Output Digital Lamp

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Part Number: PT600MH-6K
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PAR-TEK LIGHTING 600W MH 6500K HIGH OUTPUT Metal Halide Grow Lamps

PAR-TEK Grow Light Bulbs are made from the highest quality material and workmanship in the industry. PAR-TEK Grow Light Bulbs are manufactured in a technologically advanced factory with strict quality control. PAR-TEK Grow Light Bulbs have been fine tuned to optimally operate when paired with our PAR-TEK Digital Ballast line. PAR-TEK Grow Light Bulbs technology allows for use on both magnetic core and digital electronic ballasts that are ANSI standard. PAR-TEK Grow Light Bulbs have enhanced blue and red spetrum for optimal horticultural plant growth. PAR-TEK Lighting Grow Light Bulbs, are the go to bulbs for increased garden performance which will increase your yield.

Here are some specifications:

Initial Lumens / 55,000 lm
Rated Life / 7,500 Hours
Warm up Time / 7 Minutes
Correlated Color Temperature / 6500K
Universal Operation Position
Model / PT600MH
MSRP $109.95

Package Dimensions
  Weight - 1.2LB
  Length - 14"
  Width - 4"
  Height - 4"
UPC:  22179103276

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