Secret Jardin Lodge (4 X 3 X 4 3/4 Foot)

Secret Jardin Lodge (4 X 3 X 4 3/4 Foot)

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Brand: Secret Jardin
Part Number: SJL120
UPC: 5425030260555

Newest member of the Revision 2.50, this new range offers 2 in 1 stations, which allow you to enjoy a space Bloom and an area of growth in the same tent. The limited amount of these products provides opportunities for installation in small spaces and / or with little height (under slopes, lofts, ...), which is a real revolution for a tent offering two separate spaces. A product line available in different sizes: L120 (120x90x145cm)

Package Dimensions
  Weight - 32LB
  Length - 47.24"
  Width - 14.37"
  Height - 5.12"
UPC:  5425030260555

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