X - Trays 3x6 Black Flood Table

X - Trays 3x6 Black Flood Table

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Brand: X-Trays
Part Number: HT1XT36B

XTrays' grooved FLO-THRU channels keep plants well-irrigated, vibrant and always at their healthiest. They are available in 8 sizes from 2' X 2' to 4' X 8’. Outside Dimensions: 39X x 76X x 6.5''Minimum Order Quantity on Freight Shipments for Reservoirs, Flood Tables and Water Tanks = 6 pieces. MOQ does not apply to Local Deliveries within California and Michigan warehouses.

Package Dimensions
  Weight - 18LB
  Length - 75"
  Width - 39"
  Height - 7"

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