Active Air HD Floor Fan 12 Inch

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Part Number: ACFV1012
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Our Active Air Floor Fans are durable, high-performance circulation floor fans that feature a redesigned motor engineered for continuous use. Each unit has been manufactured to ensure safety, reliability, and ease of use. Offering 3-speed push button operation, they can pivot to perform at a tilted or vertical angle. The fans are very tough and will easily handle even the harshest grow room environments. Featuring whisper-quiet operation and heavy-duty aluminum blades, they are ideal for recirculating lower-lying CO2 in the grow room up through the entire plant canopy or to nurture younger plants during the vegetative stage. This item, ACFV1012, has a 12" fan blade diameter.Strong motor for continuous 24/7 usePivoting fan angle adjustmentHigh RPMsDurable and reliableThree speedsStrong aluminum blades120V/60Hz

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