Active Aqua Infinity Tray W/ Drain - 8 X 4 Foot

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Active Aqua introduces the Infinity Tray series—an array of premium ABS panels that work with standard 4' wide benches. These trays are available in 4' and 8' center lengths, creating a continuous grow space when interlocked and maximizing your square footage. All 4' end caps include designated drain sections. Center panels are also available with drain option. Flood and drain setups are not recommended to exceed 64'. If your grow space requires additional benches, begin a new station with an Infinity endcap to set up another continuous station.Recommended use with our Rolling Bench System AGT10001All panels are low profile at 2.5" in heightNo arch lip allows you to maximize your inner and outer grow/work spaceAll corresponding panels nest perfectly, allowing you to create custom lengths to your needs10%-15% thicker than other bench traysRecyclable—made from BPA-free 100% virgin plastic cap over recycled ABS plastic coreShallow grooves for easy cleaningMade in Canada* Adhesive/Sealant: LOCTITE 5510 (sold seperately) NOTE: One tube of LOCTITE 5510 yields approximately four connections

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