Active Aqua Root Spa 5 Gallon 8 Bucket System

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OverviewThe Root Spa is a deep water culture system. This 5 gallon bucket system is so simple yet grows large plants efficiently. After a very short time, you will realize the advantage of the simplicity of this uniquely easy-to-use, inexpensive, and forgiving system! Pumping raw air into the nutrient solution, without the need of expensive and often troublesome air stones is not only cost effective, but your plants will also thrive!• Watertight seal to guarantee no leaks• 8" bucket basket to hold your choice of growing medium• Multi-purpose air hose delivers air from the pump to the bottom of the bucket• Air pump oxygenates your water and encourages root growth• ½" grommet fitting• ½" elbow fitting• ¼" black tubingMedia sold separately: You can use your choice of hydroponic media, such as clay pebbles, #4 perlite, rockwool mini cubes, coco chips, etc. Since this is a hydroponics system, soil should be avoided. Soil may contain dust, fungi, and bacteria, all of which can contaminate a hydroponics system.NOTE: Setup of the multi-bucket Root Spa system is the same as that of the single-bucket system, with the main difference that the multi-bucket system uses a multi-output air pump, while the single-bucket Root Spa systems use a single dedicated air pump.Praise for the Root Spa:“It’s easy to tell when your plants are supercharged. You don’t need any fancy meter for that—it’s visually apparent. Every time you open the door to your garden your plants almost roar at you! The speed of their development is shocking—even over a single day—they are visibly taller, fuller, bigger, and happier. I love it when my garden is cranking like this.”

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