Adjust-A-Wing Hellion DE Reflector

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The Adjust-A-Wings Hellion DE has been meticulously crafted to produce the coolest and most even light distribution ever emitted from a DE reflector. Every Adjust-A-Wings Hellion incorporates a DE specific Super Spreader to allow for closer placement between lamp and plant canopy. DE lamps run much hotter than single ended lamps and the Super Spreader becomes a virtual necessity to diffuse and redirect DE lamp intensity (for ceiling heights below 2.5M). The Hellion custom designed lamp holders and 4 tab tension wires allow for 5 lamp height positions and 9 wing-width settings to enable perfect light turning over any area. Tests at 90CM above the canopy produce a highly consistent 350Par spread over an area of 1.2M x 1.2M, with leaf temperatures significantly reduced. For increase plant yield & flower consistency with any DE lamp (400W, 600W, 750W or 100W) insist on the Hellion and unleash the beast. Features: To suit all 400W, 600W 750W & 1000W DE lamps Greatly reduce leaf surface temperature Super-spreader included 5 lamp height positions 9 wing-width settings 12 months warranty

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