B-LITE 1000W 277V Only Digital Ballast

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DL Wholesale is proud to bring to market a truly innovative product. This multi-wattage digital dimmable giant will conquer any grow room where it is installed. Resin injection for maximum protection against the elements, and loaded with the latest and greatest technology. B-Lite features High Frequency Output for burning double ended bulbs, as well as soft ignition to protect your equipment from faulty electrical systems. When used in conjunction with Interlux Double Ended bulb, optimum performance is achieved. The Interlux Double Ended lamp is fired from both ends, making the gas burn more evenly throughout the bulb, creating a more consistent spectrum as well higher PAR output. Remember, on the first day, it was said XLet there be light.X B-lite Digital Dimmable Ballasts are ideal to serve all your lighting needs. B-Lite can power 400w, 600w, and 1000w lamps, putting the versatility of 3 ballasts into 1. With Smart-Ignition Technology, B-Lite protects your equipment and electrical systems. Smart Ignition technology prevents failure issues commonly caused by overloading of circuits. Using advanced technology, Soft-Start Technology may increase the life of your lamps. Soft-Start Technology slowly applies power to the lamp, and is capable of sensing the lamp temperature and/or short circuits. To ensure cooler running temperatures and longevity, B-Lite comes equipped with a thermostat controlled internal fan. Optimized high frequency making this ballast user friendly with all Double Ended Lamps. -Smart ignition to protect lamps and circuit overload when running multiple ballast. -Soft start technology for longer lamp life. -Multi-Wattage with Super Bright option -Heat dispersing fins on all 4 sides -Internal cooling fan -Multi-Wattage with super bright option -Works with both HPS and MH lamps -Standard socket to work with most reflectors -99% Power factor -Soft Start technology for longer lamp life -Smart ignition to protect lamps and circuit overload when running multiple ballast

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