Bay Hydro Ballast High Frequency 1000w SE / DE & 1000w HPS Lamp

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Combo Includes: 1000w SE /DE High Frequency Ballast & HIGH OUTPUT 1000w HPS Lamp.

Ballast operates Double Ended 1000w HPS & MH Bulbs @ >106KHz, Super Quality at a great price...

Lamp:  1000W Double Ended HPS & MH Lamp

               1000W HPS & MH Standard Lamp

 Our Ballast line are designed with the NEWEST Technology on the market.

Brand New BAY HYDRO 1000w 120/240v Ballast

Upgrade to the all new BAY HYDRO 1000w Digital Ballast and you'll see the benefits instantly! Our ballasts are made with the highest quality workmanship and strict quality assurance. We have located a team of engineers to create a BETTER QUALITY and more reliable 1000w SE/DE High Frequency Ballast (operating at  >106Khz) and we have single 600w and TWIN 600w Digital Ballast. We have talked with MANY manufactures and have chosen the more superior factory, NOT the cheapest one like others. Our ballasts come with a 3 year warranty and have less than 2% defect rate. We stand behind our product 100%. Bay Hydro has been a trusted brand for many years and we will continue to provide the best quality products on the market along with our superior customer service. We have 1000w & 600w HPS Bulbs to pair with our ballast for optimal performance. It is best to use our bulbs with our ballast as they are made for each other.

You will see increased efficiency & increased lumen output right from the start. Compared to traditional magnetic ballasts, Bay Hydro Digital Ballasts deliver approximately 30% more light for your garden. More Light = BIGGER Yield, you will provide light at a far more stable level with NO flicker or noise, Lamps will start up faster, and operate silently. These incredibly light-weight ballasts also produce less heat and they do not have nor need a fan (one less thing to break) as they are made with high quality parts.

Our BAY HYDRO 1000w ballast runs on 120v or 240v and can power Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium lamps. ALL of our ballast are dimmable and come with SUPER LUMENS to give 10% more light at the flick of a switch. Optional settings are Super Lumens, 100%, 75%, 60%. 

BAY HYDRO Digital E-Ballast is a performance leader.

  • Operate both metal halide (MH) and high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps.
  • Up to 30% MORE LUMENS; faster growth, bigger harvests.
  • Unique graduated fin design for more efficient cooling. No cooling fan necessary means fewer moving parts and less chance of a broken ballast.
  • 3 years no hassle warranty.
  • Internal resin coating protects components for a long life..
  • Generator compatible.
  • Cuts off when a short is detected. For ultimate safety. VERY smart ballast !!
  • Completely silent.
  • Comes with Standard "S" style (Sunlight Supply Connection) lamp cord connection. We also have adapters if need for HYDROFARM Reflector / Hoods, Just let us know, ONLY $5 with ballast purchase !!

Why Digital Ballasts?

More Lumen Output - Up to 30% more lumens output than some old style magnetic ballasts ...More light equals more yield. We urge you to test this yourself with a good quality light meter. Be sure to also check how much power the ballast is using with an ammeter as many so called 600w magnetic ballasts now draw up to 750w as standard.

Stable Light Output - Excellent for Pharmaceutical-agriculture, laboratories and other uses where precise regularized output is essential.

Fast Start-up - It reaches full brightness in under one minute (Depending on bulb used); magnetic ballasts typically take about twenty minutes.

Completely Silent - No noise or vibration of any kind

Produce Less Heat - Less heat generated by the ballasts allows cooler running of the environment. Less heat is less wasted electricity.

Longer Bulb Life - Lumen output loss over time, with the correct lamp, is dramatically less than with magnetic ballasts.

BAY HYDRO  ballasts are designed with internal microprocessor to soft start lamp and intelligently detect lamp voltage, current to prolong lts life hours. Dimmable features can save power at both input & output side. Staggered ignition to be more efficient to avoid inrush current. Perfect self-protection mechanism to prolong its life. 3 years warranty. YOU MUST KEEP YOUR RECEIPT AS THAT SHOWS DATE OF PURCHASE FOR WARRENTY COVVERAGE. Please SAVE your receipt.

Self-Protection / Smart Sense

Input  Protection

high/low voltage; lightening strike/ inrush current/ pulse group; overcurrent; brownout;

Output Protection

open circuit; short circuit; end of lamp life; failure ignition; overvoltage; rectifying effect protection

Overheat protection 

In operation, inner heats will dissipate through case. When case temperature rise up to 85?, ballast will gradually reduce power to 80%; When case temperature reach to 90?, ballast will stop working until cool down to 70?, then returns to full power status. 


Model: BH1000WSEDE

Power Factor: >0.99

Lamp:  1000W Double Ended HPS & MH Lamp

Input Voltage Range: 95-264V

               1000W HPS & MH Standard Lamp

Operating Frequency: >106kHz

Input Power: 1081W 

Ambient Temperature: -25 to 40 C (-13 to 104 F)

Input Voltage: 120V or 240V, 50/60Hz

Enclosure Temperature rise: 35 C (95 F)

Input Current: 9.10A·120V;4.43A·240V

Environment IP Require: >IP23

THD:< 8% 

Unit Weight: 5.5kg

Lamp CCF:< 1.7

Unit Dimension: 14.17*6.77*3.96 inch

Other Parameters

Input Frequency


Inrush Current


Total Harmonic Distortion


Input current protection

Internal Fuse

Dimming options


Open circuit voltage


Ignition voltage


Low Lamp Current Crest Factor


Output Frequency

>106 KHz

Lamp Power


Power Factor


Lamp Flicker/Acoustic Resonance


RF Interference


Operating Temperature Range

-25°C to +40°C 

Maximum case temperature (Tc)


Operating Humidity

0 to 95%

Remote Distance

< 5M

Other BAY HYDRO ballast sizes currently available:

  • 600w Single, Dual / Twin 600, and 1000W HIGH Frequency SE / DE Ballast

BAY HYDRO HIGH PAR 1000W HPS GROW LAMPS 145,000 Initial Lumens

Bay Hydro High-Par Output (HPS) High Pressure Sodium Grow Lamps offer superior lighting throughout all phases of plant growth. Most HPS lamps on the market provide a limited HPS spectrum. Our HPS bulbs are engineered with sufficient amounts Blue, Violet and Green light to make our bulbs TOP SHELF that can be used throughout Vegetation and Flowering stages. Our high pressure sodium grow lamps will out perform most lamps on the market. This new line of horticultural specific High-Par Output lamps have been designed by the world's leading HID lamp engineers / manufactures that many of the LARGE well known brand on the market today use. We did not look for the CHEAPEST manufacture to work with wanted SUPERIOR QUALITY to offer the public at a fraction of the cost you may currently pay for. These lamps provide exceptional performance on both magnetic and electronic ballasts. Our High-Par Output light bulbs deliver an optimized spectrum and high level of Photosynthetic Active Radiation to promote healthy plant growth all year round. 

Here are some specifications:

Initial Lumens / 145,000 lm
Rated Life / 24,000+ Hours
Warm up Time / 7 Minutes
Correlated Color Temperature / 2100K
Color Rendering Index - CRI / 22
Universal Operating Position
PAR Value / 1850 umol/s

Electrical Characteristics:
Nominal Lamp Wattage / 1000w
Nominal Lamp Voltage / 250V
Nominal Lamp Current / 4.7A

Physical Description
MAX Overal Length / 383mm
Light Center Length / 222mm
Max Bulb Diameter / 81mm
Max Bulb Temp / 400 *C
Bulb Shape / ET80
Bulb Material / Borosilicate  (HARD GLASS)
Arc Tube Material / PCA
Bulb Finish / CLEAR
Base Type / E39
1 Year Warranty / KEEP RECEIPT PLEASE !!

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