BioBizz Fish - mix 1 Liter

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What is Fish·Mix™? Fish·Mix™enables substrates to stimulate bacterial flora and accelerate growth. It is an infusion of organic fish emulsion from the North Sea mixed together with extract of Dutch sugar beet. Fish·Mix™boosts growth of all living organisms in the substrate, as well as improving and stimulating production of microorganisms and useful bacteria in every type of soil and coco-based substrates. Poor quality soil is transformed into rich and fat soil after a few days of use, providing plants with natural minerals. How to use Fish·Mix™? Every grower who has his plants outdoors can use Fish·Mix™. Fish·Mix™can be used from the second week of the growing period, during the flowering period till the harvest. Do you want to combine Fish·Mix™with your All·Mix®? Then we advise to use a dose of 1ml per litre of water. When using Light·Mix® we can advise a dose of 2-4 ml per litre water. Follow our grow schedule for the best results

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