Bluelab Guardian Monitor

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In just one glance it clearly conveys all 3 critical parameters for successful growth: pH, conductivity AND temperature.The Bluelab Guardian Monitor is a constant indicator of the desired levels of EC/ppm 700/TDS/CF, pH and temperature, enabling the grower to optimise these parameters as the crop progresses through each growing phase.The Bluelab Guardian Monitor is mains powered and is mounted to the wall or hung on a support and the probes simply placed into the reservoir.With the Bluelab Guardian Monitor monitoring your crops 24 hours a day and with the ability to set high and low alarms, a flashing display lets you know if one parameter moves away from the ideal, allowing you to make the required adjustments quickly and effectively.Features• Large easy to read displays• No calibration required for conductivity and temperature• Simple push button pH calibration• Selectable values for conductivity and temperature • Flashing high and low alarms• Temperature compensation• Greater tolerance to RF/electronic interference provided• International power supply• Replaceable double junction pH probe• Adjustable display brightness• Non-volatile memory

Probe Tips

All probes are interchangeable between all Bluelab productsAll probes carry a 6 month warrantyProper hydration of ph probes is vital to maintain wickAll pH probes eventually need to be replaced—they can only house so much reference solutionKCl storage solution is required for optimum probe maintenanceRO water will reduce probe life

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