Centurion CP1 Replacement Inner Bag

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The CenturionPro Pre-Filter Nylon Bag was created with the vision-statement stating ''there must be no wasted material.'' This bag insures that no trichomes or sugar leaf is lost by sticking to the inside of the collector bag. The Pre-Filter Nylon Bag seamlessly fits within the outer cloth bag, allowing you to save all valuable properties and plant material. Its nylon texture integrates non-stick properties to prevent cannabis from sticking inside, making it easy to clean and empty. Even more so, making life really easy for anyone looking to re-use these leaf trimmings to make edibles or extracts. This product requires minimal maintenance and cleaning times, making it the perfect accessory for CenturionPro's elite family of bud trimmers. To wash, simply flip the inside out using a user-friendly pressure washing technique. This process takes only a couple minutes, allowing you to continue your job quickly. This bag's sophisticated filtration system provides maximum results without a big mess, working in sync with your trimmer's suction mechanism. This allows your leaves to be easily collected for future processing every time. Purchase our Pre-Filter Nylon Bag as the perfect finishing touch for any of our superior commercial bud trimmers. *** Included with the purchase of every trimmer.Unit Compatibility: 777118/777119/777122

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