Centurion Pro Table Top Quantanium Dry Tumbler

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CenturionPro introduces the latest in its elite trimming technologies. The sleek and revolutionary QuanTanium tumbler utilizes a non-stick coating, making it the best flower trimmer in the cannabis industry. Trimming flowers requires top-notch technology, and the QuanTanium tumbler fits this bill. With maintenance times reduced, this dry trimmer revolutionizes technology within the commercial flower trimmers market by maximizing overall production. The Centurion Quantanium dry tumbler processes material when it's dry rather than wet, allowing precise cutting and an unrivaled blade design. This newly designed blade not only gets the job done, but does so exceptionally well. This design results in a precise cut for your flowers while reducing clean up time. This QuanTanium dry tumbler is compatible with many CenturionPro units and is resistant to damage thanks to its nonstick properties that prevent trichomes from sticking to its surface. Not only does it look superior, but its results are too. CenturionPro understands that time is money, which is why the QuanTanium uses top-notch chrome and steel that surpasses the quality of cooking utensils.SPECIAL ORDER ITEM ONLY

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