Centurion Trimmer CP1 Blower

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Part Number: 777122-BLOWER

This industrial blower is customized to work with the CenturionPro Silver Bullet and CenturionPro Original. With a industry leading 3 horse power motor and an air capacity of 2750 CFM, the Blower for the (CP1 and Bullet) produces optimal results by working as the vacuum system for your commercial bud trimmer. It effectively transfers the waste from the tumbler into the collector bag, sparing you from a large mess and reducing cleanup and maintenance times. The Blower (CP1 & Bullet) uses 15 amp at start up at 220v with 3 hp, packing our superior products with a lot of punch. If you’re looking to complete the best bud trimmer on the market, then this blower is the perfect match. This blower takes the work out of your trimming time, letting you rest at ease. This product is at high demand and a top-tier investment for anyone who’s interested in creating a successful operation. This CenturionPro edition boasts a sleek black design and logo are complemented with user-friendly controls that make it stress free whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to the trade. *** Included with the purchase of every trimmer.Unit Compatibility: 777118/777122

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