CVault Medium Humidity Curing Storage Container - 4" x 2.25"

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Holding Capacity of 14 to 24 Grams

Looking for a humidity controlled storage container? Then the CVault is what you need. This food grade stainless steel is an airtight container that is impenetrable by light. Together with the power of humidity, you will see the difference in keeping your tobacco, foods or herbs in a true state of freshness.

Air Tight Lid Design:

1/4 inch wide silicone seal to ensure a real airtight seal. Top of lid can be written on with a NON-PERMANENT marker and relabeled as vault contents change.The humidity pack holder is specifically designed to hold your Boveda or Humidipak.

New Latch Design:

Easy to use and engineered to provide an airtight seal, truly locking in product freshness for days, weeks and even months.

Easily Stackable:

Buy different varieties of the CVault humidity curing containers and make them stackable.

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