DE.Ablo All-in-one Reflector/Ballast

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Discover DeAblo. Our new Double Ended Fixture combines both reflector and ballast. Enjoy the versatility of this all-in-one fixture ready to hang. DeAblo works with 1000W Interlux Double Ended lamps and most other brands. It comes pre-mounted with a 1000W high frequency ballast. With DeAblo, you get the high efficiency of the Double Ended Technology on a single fixture! This unit combines ultra intensity with maximum longevity, and DE bulbs are more efficient than standard bulbs, offering increased light spectrum, improved lumen maintenance and accelerated warm up times. Ballast Performances: Lamp: 1000W Input Volts: 120V-240V Nominal Line Amps: 9.08A-4.42A Min Power Factor: 0.99 THD: <10% Crest Factor: <1.7 Measurement: 22''x9.5''x12X, DOES NOT INCLUDE THE BULB

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