GROW1 8 X 20 Standard Carbon Filter

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8X x 20'' Standard Carbon Air Filter. This filter eliminates 99.5% of all odors using 100% Virgin Activated Carbon. It features a pre-installed flange and has a 180°F maximum operating temperature. This lightweight filter has an average life span of 1.5 years. Activated Carbon inside is what sets our filters apart from the competition. Designed specifically for indoor gardening, our filters will purify the air and eliminate any odors. These high quality filters will provide your plants with the clean air they require by filtering out mold and other particles that could affect or destroy your plants. We recommend using this filter in conjunction with our 8X fan for optimum efficiency. - 548 cfm - 99.5% Odor removing capability - 8X flange pre-installed - Pre-filter included - 20'' filter bed - Virgin Activated Coal Based Carbon

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