SPEEDEE TRIM - Handheld Cordless Electric Trimmer

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Fastest Hand held revolutionary motorized scissor. A trimmer that will precisely manicure the foliage/stems without damaging the main flower. The new blade design is specifically engineered to maneuver around tight spots in between flowers giving you full control of what you take off or leave on your plants. comes with your choice of blade, Scissor Scrubber included also so you can soak in Alcohol for easy cleaning.

Your Choice ? WET or DRY trimming blades ?

Each Trimmer Comes With 1 Blade Of Your Choice and 1 Blade Scrubber

Electric Trimmer Specs: 120V AC, 60Hz .04 AMPS / 7 Ft. Cord

SPEEDEE TRIM is the Fastest Electric Hand Held Plant Trimmer on the market today. With reciprocating tapered blades, Speedee Trim is uniquely engineered for Lightning Fast Precision Plant Trimming. Unlike other trimmers, Speedee Trim?s custom blade allows you to get in the tight spots on your plant removing only what you want to take off while leaving the rest of the plant intact.It can also be used in conjunction with any of the larger scale trimming machines for a final trim, or for thinning out out over grown plants! Easy to clean and operate, Speedee Trim saves you time and money!

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URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRpEZu2LmGU

Blade Option / Types below:

Wet Trim Blades:

The Sabertooth blade features long thin wide spaced teeth and a tapered end allowing for precision manicuring. 
This blade is unique in that the teeth at the end slant forward for direct spot-on trimming. This design permits the plant to be trimmed in a manner very similar to manual scissors leaving the surrounding areas untouched. The characteristics of this blade make it best suited for wet trimming.

The Butterfly blade is a hybrid of the Sabertooth & Hammer blades.Slightly shorter teeth than the Sabertooth but with dual sided cutting action to allow for volume manicuring of mpact/densely grown flowers as well as spot-on trimming. The Butterfly also works well for thinning out overgrown plants but with angled teeth at the tip that provide for precision manicuring.

The Hammerhead features dual sided cutting action with a tapered tip making it best suited for de-leafing and thinning out over grown plants. Can also be used for volume trimming large compact/densely grown flowers. Best paired with the cordless motor.

Dry Trim Blades:

The Piranha blade short blade length for better control along with a tapered end for making precision cuts.The Piranha is unique in that the teeth at the blade end slant forward to allow direct spot-on trimming. This design permits the plant to be precisely manicured in a manner very similar to manual scissors leaving the surrounding areas untouched. Smaller teeth and thinner blades make it best suited for manicuring dry plants.

Note from SpeeDee Trim on Motor and Blade Choice:
Generally, the corded motors pair well with all the blades.  I don't recommend Cordless Motors for manicuring unless access to power is truly an issue. Also, it would require the purchase of additional batteries and chargers to keep it running indefinitely. Why do that if you don't have to ? The only blade that I really recommend for the cordless is the Hammerhead which is designed for pruning mainly. Having the cordless option allows you to clean up your crop during mid-cycle a lot faster and cleaner than by hand. This is why the teeth on the HammerHead blade are spaced further apart. For manicuring wet or dry, the Corded Motor is the way to go.

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