X Nutrients Ful - Potential 5 Gallon

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Ful-Potential, is a liquid, humic product that contains both humic and fulvic acids. Ful-Potential is made to increase nutrient efficiency by chelating nutrients to prevent lock out, enhance uptake, thus saving on nutrient cost and reducing potential deficiencies. Your plants benefit from accelerated growth and reduced stress. The proprietary blend of organic nutrient complexes contain both non-ionic and anionic surfactants allowing for successful uptake through foliar feeding application. Ful-Potential contains Ammonium humates which are far more reactive than potassium and sodium humates and allow you to use less with even better results. Beneifical bacteria provided in the formula originate from bacillus genus and the addition of plant sugars sweeten the blend. Use Ful-Potential as a root drench in soil, compost tea additive, foliar feed as a stand alone or you can add foliar nutrients, and is also hydroponic compatible. Spend less and get more with Ful-Potential!

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