Xtrasun DE Lighting System - Open - 1000W - 240V

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The Xtrasun DE double-ended 240V lighting system is a high-intensity horticultural lighting system that is an excellent choice for a range of applications. It combines an Xtrasun open double-ended reflector with a variable-wattage Xtrasun DE ballast and a high-PAR Xtrasun DE high-pressure sodium lamp. This powerful and versatile commercial-grade system allows users to select the most appropriate light intensity level for their particular setup.The attached, open-form reflector is made from multifaceted 95% reflective European hammertone aluminum and delivers uniform growth over a broad footprint. The louvered top effectively dissipates heat while operating DE bulbs at ideal temperatures for maximum light output and lamp life.The Xtrasun DE 240V ballast features rugged build quality, multi-aspect protection circuitry, and variable wattage output that offers several choices on a range from 600W to 1150W using 1000W DE lamps. It is CSA-certified, has RF shielding, and is FCC compliant. Naturally, it is totally silent while operating.Features:Open design delivers maximized light output and optimal heat managementExcellent uniformity makes it the ideal reflector for lower mounting heightsVented top for heat management and longer lamp lifeRequires fewer reflectors to meet desired light levelsVersatile—can be used for many different applicationsPLEASE NOTE: The XTDEOKT1 is not compatible with the PX1 lighting controller.

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