Dyna-Gro Grow 7-9-5 15 Gallon

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Why use 2 or 3 parts when you can use 1? Dyna-Gro has spent over 30 years developing the most concentrated and complete one part formulas on the market. Grow and Bloom are low in soluble salts, complete with all 16 essential mineral elements, and are formulated with the perfect nutrient ratios for exceptional vegetative growth and blooms. Grower’s who have spent years mixing complicated and expensive 3 part formulas are amazed when they find a one part formula that delivers incredible results without the extra time and effort of mixing several parts. Grow and Bloom are also extremely concentrated, meaning you use less Dyna-Gro in every gal- lon of water, saving you money and trips to the grow store. Dyna-Gro is produced with the highest quality, technical grade minerals giving you a superior product that produces superior results. If you’re ready for real plant science, then you’re ready for Dyna-Gro.

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