CAN - Lite 6in x 24in - 600 CFM

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Can-Lite™ The CF Group has proudly placed our trusted name in air filtration on the new series of filters. The Can-Lite™has been developed with ease of installation, durability and effectiveness in mind and is manufactured the same way as the Original Can-Filter® (proven packed bed design) in a dedicated carbon filter plant in North America. The difference is in the carbon; special low density carbon is used in the Can-Lite™. 100% Australian Granulated carbon, aluminum top and bottom, integrated flange and well-made protective packaging are features of the Can-Lite™filter. Can-Lite6 Recommended Max CFM: 600 CFM Prefilter: Included Flange: Built in 6X, Outside Diameter: 25.4 cm / 10"

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